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Molly Brown Spirits

Molly Brown Bourbons are true "Grain to Glass" spirits. They start with whole grains grown on the fertile Colorado plains by our farming partners, Root Shoot Malting, in Loveland, Colorado. By keeping every step of the Bourbon production process in-house, they are able to produce an exceptional spirit. They mill our own grain to ensure the freshest mash, then ferment and distill the grain to develop the richest and most complex flavors possible. Only the smoothest portion of the heart of the distillation is chosen to be aged in full-size 53-gallon new American charred oak barrels. Each mature barrel is individually sampled and then selected to be bottled once its flavor has been deemed to meet our stringent guidelines. To ensure the most robust flavor, the Bourbon is never chill filtered, and proofed with only pure Rocky Mountain water before being bottled. Give yourself a break from your everyday bourbon and dance with the Queen of Bourbons. Molly Brown Bourbon and Molly Brown High Rye Bourbon-the Spirit of Denver.

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