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8 YO Doc Holliday Straight Bourbon Whiskey

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Single Barrel/Barrel Proof

Distillery: Ivy Mountain Distillery
Mash Bill: 80% Corn, 10% Malted Corn, 5% Rye, 5% Malted Barley
Fill Date:08/19/2014
Barrel Entry Proof:121.5
Bottling Date:12/1/2022
Bottle Size:750ml
Number of Bottles: 145

Originally distilled by the Lovell family in Mt. Airy, GA this bourbon has a unique mash bill consisting of corn, malted corn, rye, and malted barley. After the closure of Ivy Mountain Distillery in 2015, the remaining barrels were eventually sold and moved to Texas for two brief years. The barrels have returned to Georgia and are being bottled for your enjoyment.

Double climate maturation conditions along with its MALTED corn mash bill worked together over the past 8 years to create this very special whiskey.

Whiskey Profile:The bourbon is very rich and full bodies with notes of sweet caramel and chocolate orange. The malted corn adds a light floral character to the aroma and on the finish the whiskey lingers with smooth oak tannins light flavors of spiced baked apple.

Long before John Henry Holliday became known throughout these United States as "Doc" – and also "the slickest gunslinger in the west" – he was a darn good… dentist. Classically educated in Humanities and Mathematics, by 20, he graduated with a Doctor of Dental Surgery (hence the nickname) from one of the top schools in the nation.

Today we know him as the symbol of loyalty in the Wild West and the hero of the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral. Despite all the perils of the Frontier, he remained an even-tempered, well-mannered Southern gentleman until his untimely end at 36 years of age.

We salute Doc Holliday as the epitome of a true friend and a loyal companion.



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